August 11th were born puppies!

3 girls and 1 boy.

Available 1 puppy - Blue boy

Mother of puppies - Angebble Yellow Ikela

Latvian, Lithuanian Junior Champion, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian,

Baltic Champion, Riga Junior Winner 2017

HD A/A, ED 0/0, eyes clear, EIC, prcd-PRA N/N by parentage

More info about mother - in section Dogs.

Father of puppies - Avalanche Kreuzburg

Interchampion, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Luxembourg, Swiss

Champion, Polish, Slovak, Grandchampion, Polish, Austrian,

Luxembourg, German, Slovak Junior Champion, Benelux Junior

Winner, Polish Junior Club Winner 2017, Austrian Junior Club

Winner 2017, Jugendsieger Dortmund 2017

HD-A, ED-0/0, prcd-PRA, EIC, Miopatia, HNPK - N/N, clear eyes

More info about father - on his webpage

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